Be More Strong, Be More Supple…

Baseball, Golf, Darts…Top athletes admitted the concepts of SORIENO.

It will be Support for “Performance” in the sport, and “Relaxation” after the sports.

Not only its functionality, but also its design will make you shine. This sports necklace using SWAROVSKI will make you “Gorgeous” and “Cool”. Yes, It’s SORIENO.

Our Attention to material

【Necklace Bracelet】

By disposing the SWAROVSKI produce a high-quality shine on the entire surface of top. Not only the beauty , It’ll bring you luxury.

The Necklace cord is using “CHIOCLEAN”. “CHIOCLEAN” is new material that the natural germanium ore and zirconium ore contained.

It will effect on the health and beauty We use the “CHIOCLEAN yarn” to exert a semi-permanent feature is kneaded in fiber.

SORIENO is a sport necklace of new category that combines the design and functionality.

【Polo Shirt】

SORIENO Polo shirts adopts “ALPHA-FRESH” processing. “ALPHA FRESH” can be expected, the effect on your health and relax.

You can enjoy the two-way specification by sleeve and Collar design. “S” logo decorated on the left shoulder using SWAROVSKI, and SORIENO emblem on right sleeve.

Polo shirt in pursuit of functionality and design.