Feature of CHIOCLEAN yarn


CHIOCLEAN yarn is a new material that blend the rayon fiber and other materials (cotton, wool, polyester, acrylic, etc.). Rayon fiber is kneaded natural ore of “germanium“, “zirconium” of the particle size was pulverized to a sub-nano unit. (Patent pending)


By fiberizing the “germanium“, since it is possible to widen a contact surface than metal germanium, irritation to fountain also becomes more widespread, it is expected a high effect.

Less likely to be falling off after repeated washing, it delivers a safe and semi-permanent feature.


An element called “germanium semiconductor”, act release the negative ion electronic when it comes equal to or higher than 30 ℃.

Negative ions act on the human biological current, it is said to activate the cells to promote blood circulation.
■ measurement environment: temperature 20 ℃, humidity 65%
■Test results: standing method (number / cm3) maximum 218 / minimum value 141 / average 182 / indoor air average 91


By using CHIOCLEAN yarn and common cotton products, were compared skin surface temperature and surface dough temperature after 30 minutes.In both cases, CHIOCLEAN yarn shows higher temperature rises.


Products that use the CHIOCLEAN yarn, has been widely commercialized, such as clothing and bedding. And also used in the field of health care system, we have earned the trust to its high quality and safety.

The product package has been affixed the mark to prove its use.