1. Purpose
O-plans corporation(referred to as the “Company”) will define the terms for the proper and smooth operation and services to our customers via http://sorieno.jp (referred to as the “Company Site”).
2. Consent
If the customer is using our site, it is assumed that you’ve agreed to the contents of the “Terms“.
3. Compliance with Terms
Terms of compliance customers are Upon your use of our site, we will comply with the “Terms” content. If it violated the event to the contents of the “Terms” the Company shall be able to refuse the dealings of the stop and subsequent.
4. The provisions of the individual
Upon your use of each service of our site, there is a case to determine the individual provisions. In that case, the consent of each provision will be the conditions of use.
5. Prohibitions in your use of this site
  • In our site, you are prohibited to perform the following acts of each item.
  • Compromising our other customers, and other third-party rights, interests, honor and the like.
  • Interfere with the operation of our site, or which could interfere with the provision of the service act.
  • To order our product without the intention.
  • To carry out the transaction pretending to be someone else, or to enter false information.
  • Be in violation of laws and regulations, be contrary to public order and morals.
  • Be in violation of various terms and regulations that we set.
  • Other things that defined as illegal by company.
6. Revision of Terms
Company can revise the contents of “Terms” appropriately. Revised content of the “Terms” is effect with a posting to on our site.
7. Copyright
Copyright of all of the information and the image has been provided in this site are property of the company or information provider.
8. Immunity
Disclaimer The Company: Services on our site, and can be appropriately changed or abolished, in whole or in part, a result for the damage caused to our customers, and shall not be liable.We are, for the content of information to be provided free of charge on our site, It does not guarantee all about the authenticity, accuracy, currency, usability, reliability, legality, for such that you are not right infringement of third party.Our company, a loss of communication lines and failure, interruption, delay, discontinuation of the system according to the data, the damage caused by the unauthorized access to the data, for the damage caused to our customers for the service of the other our site, any responsibility and it shall not be held.
9. Other
The relationship between the company and Customers assumes that Japanese law is applied. When dispute between the customer and the company has occurred, shall endeavor to resolve them with both good faith.But if you need a lawsuit forced the first trial of the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts let our company decide you shall receive.